Encore Software

Encore Software

The heart of Encore is its web browser-based Encore Software. This advanced, intelligent software is both a system controller and a user interface for your entire system. Encore Software can be used in any application, from small systems with a few instruments to very large multi-point, facility-wide or utility monitoring systems with 50 or more points. Encore Software automatically communicates with each instrument in your system via all supported communications methods to download and store data. Encore Software is also a password-protected web server that acts as the gateway to your Encore System. All user interactions with the system “such as trending, reports, real time and setups” are done using any web browser with connectivity to the system. The multi-user interface allows co-workers, engineers or consultants simultaneous access to analyze and share data and reports within a familiar web environment. .

Instruments Supported

  • 61STD DataNode
  • 61SG DataNode
  • 61SGD DataNode
  • EPQ 5510, 5520, 5530 DataNodes
  • ES230, ES230s DataNodes
  • ES210, ES220 DataNodes
  • 5546, 5547, 5548, 5549 DataNodes
  • ADAM 4000, 5000 Series DataNodes
  • 5571 DataaNode, 7100 PQNode
  • 8010 PQNode (contact factory
  • 3rd party instruments using Modbus (requires the generic modbus module)


Web Enabled Interface

Encore Software has an easy to use, password protected web browser interface. All interactions with the system use the common web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla and others. Not only is it easy to use, the web browser environment allows for multi-user access to your monitoring system for any authorized user with access to the communications network. Trends, data lists, real time views and reports are just a few mouse clicks away. Information can be easily shared and exported to Word, Excel, PQView and other software packages.

Performance Evaluations

By combining multiple modules or instruments, Encore intelligently monitors and evaluates diverse equipment and power system performance parameters to evaluate the performance and health of your power system for applications such as:

  • UPS — Encore monitors both input and output to continually evaluate the health of a UPS to ensure it operates correctly and to manufacturer specifications. An easy to read pass/fail report is available with the UPS Verification Answer Module.
  • System Reliability — Gain a clear indication of power system reliability by simultaneously evaluating power quality of multiple circuits on an ongoing basis.
  • Predictive Maintenance — Continuous, proactive monitoring allows for benchmarking, which provides a statistical evaluation enabling you to reduce operating and maintenance costs, including being able to determine when maintenance is really needed, rather than doing such on a routine schedule basis.


The combined power quality knowledge of Dranetz and its sister company, Electrotek Concepts, gives Encore System the intelligence to perform advanced characterization of events. You receive a clear and simple explanation of an event with in-depth analysis. Unique Answer Modules® perform advanced analysis and provide answers to more difficult power quality events through an intuitive user interface. Answer Modules interpret data, making every user an expert. Answer Modules are available for every industry and include: Sag Directivity, PF Correction Capacitor detection/directivity, Energy Usage analysis/reporting, UPS performance, radial line fault analysis and reliability benchmarking.

PC Requirements

Minimum PC requirements for Encore Software. Applications can vary so please contact the factory for requirements for your specific application.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows®, XP, Vista. Windows 7. Runs as an OS service


Pentium III or higher


128 MB or more

Disk Requirements

25 MB hard disk for installation, 40 GB hard drive or more


VGA or better; Hi-color 1024 x768 or higher recommended

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