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Our Products By Function

Dranetz provides more than just Power Quality Analyzers and Energy Monitoring Equipment in a range of permanent systems as well as portable instruments. We also provide Electrical Safety Testers, superior Handheld Electrical Digital Multifunction Meters and Data Acquisition instruments. Read below for an overview of capabilities in these functional products.

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Power Quality Monitoring

Power Quality

Power quality problems cost businesses billions of dollars each year in lost revenue, process improvements, and scrapped product. For more than 50 years, Dranetz has worked with companies, utilities, and government agencies to understand the cause of these disturbances, resolve problems, and provide proactive methods for preventing future problems. Dranetz Power Quality analyzers (Power Visa, PX5, PX5-400, and the  PowerGuide 4400) are designed to monitor, record, analyze, and report on all power parameters and anomalies, available in a range of capabilities and options to fit any budget. All of the Dranetz portable power quality instruments are equipped with 8 fully differential channels designed to measure both AC and DC voltages, current, power, and many other characteristics of electricity.

Encore Series 61000, our current fixed system, includes the best of Signature System (5530, 5520) and other Dranetz products yet breaks new ground with our 61000 family of Power Quality instruments. The 61000 family (61STD, 61SG, 61SGD) is the first truly modular and configurable instrument to shatter the traditional 8-channel (4 voltage/4 current) instrument format. Now you can have your choice of voltage, current and data acquisition modules to build from one to four instruments in a single compact, cost-effective format. Uniquely designed with a modular chassis platform, these instruments can be completely customized to meet each specific monitoring application.

Energy Monitoring

Energy Management

The EnergyPlatform EP1 is the most comprehensive, easy to use portable energy analyzer in the world. Dranetz EP1 takes all of the Dranetz historic energy monitoring platforms and combines them into one state of the art 21st century monitor. The EP1 is ideal for measuring energy efficiency, GREEN energy initiatives, energy allocation monitoring, or basic power measurements.

The Encore Series (ES210, ES220, ES230, and ES230s) family of energy monitors are compact, cost effective and easy to use. They record all of the parameters to fit any electrical energy application and have the option several options for communications including Ethernet and Serial. Combined with the Encore Series software, this enables users to monitor, record, and report on all energy management initiatives.